•  Studio: VEIL

In 2017 I participated in the VEIL EcoAcupuncture Leeuwarden 2018 – 2040 project, via a multi-disciplinary studio run through Melbourne Uni as part of my RMIT Industrial Design degree. The project involved a 3 week intensive in The Netherlands, which asked us to look into the future of the city of Leeuwarden and produce visualisations and prototypes of 5 key projects that were to be undertaken during the 2018 Cultural Capital programme. I worked on the Energy Park project, which focussed on making Leeuwarden use more renewable energy through the creation of a solar, wind and hydro based “theme” park designed to promote education and interest in renewable energy. Below are some of the master plans, concepts, visualisations, models and prototypes that I worked on alongside two other team members (one an architect, the other a landscape designer). Most of the 3D visualisation work I did in 3D Studio Max, alongside a lot of post-production work in Photoshop. Click through for a slideshow of the project’s output.

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Here’s a short video demonstrating the wind-powered energy sculpture that also helped push water along a canal.