The Mindful Unlocker concept is an Android App which replaces the customary lock screen on a phone (the swipe, pin number or pattern grid) with a finger labyrinth that the user must trace with their finger in order to unlock the phone.
    The process of tracing the labyrinth is expected to take about 20-30 seconds, which should be enough for any impulse-control disorder sufferers to subside their craving.
    As well as being a control mechanism for impulse-control disorder the Mindful Unlocker works of the theory of mindfulness and the cognitive behavioural therapy steps of behaviour modification and cognitive restructuring.
    The words “Be mindful of what you unlock” are there to reinforce the mindfulness ideal while they trace the labyrinth.
    The Mindful Unlocker doesn’t block the ability to pick up an incoming call, it works like most other locking mechanisms in that it allows for calls and SMS to be received and read, but for full access the phone must be unlocked.
    It might be available in the Google Play store soon! (If I learn how to make apps over summer).

    This concept was created as part of my research on social media addiction for the Social Repair Toolkit Studio at RMIT. You can read my final research document by clicking on the PDF (36 pages, 8.3MB) below.