You’re the master.
    The phone is your slave.

    This concept works on a few different ideas, but the main premise is that a social media addict has become a slave to their phone and in order to recover they need to overcome this.
    The rubber, and Velcro “gimp suit” for your phone aims to turn the tables and allow you to control when and where your phone can come out to play.
    The concept works towards the idea of mentally and physically transitioning away from the “transitional object” (read security blanket) that the phone is becoming for many. By having a cumbersomely large case that you can no longer put it in your pocket it helps remove the notification cue of the vibrating phone. The padded backing and rubber straps are also designed to deaden any vibration that the phone might emit whilst sitting in a bag or on the table, further reducing the amount of cues the phone can emit.
    The concept also refers to the idea of the Japanese Himitsu-Bako boxes, which are deliberately convoluted and crafty to open. The Phone Slave has to be opened from the back by undoing each Velcro tab separately. It’s not a complex puzzle to solve, but it’s designed to help slow down access to the phone, which, as in previous concepts, works as a control mechanism for impulse-control disorder sufferers.

    This concept was created as part of my research on social media addiction for the Social Repair Toolkit Studio at RMIT. You can read my final research document by clicking on the PDF (36 pages, 8.3MB) below.