After completing a BA Design (Honours) in Multimedia Design in 2001, and after a 3-year stint as a sessional academic in the fields of web design and 2d & 3d animation, Mik became, amongst other things, a freelance web and graphic designer. Through his freelance and studio experience he has developed a broad spectrum of creative and nerdy skills including: graphic design, web design, photography, 2D & 3D animation, interactive app design, front and back end web development, service design, user experience design, usability & information architecture.

    In 2010, Mik followed one of his hobbies through and branched out into the world of industrial design, with the formation of Bamboo Bikes Australia, where he designed and built 4 bamboo and carbon fibre bikes.

    With an increasing interest in this world of tangible design, Mik started a BA in Industrial Design at RMIT in 2014. He graduated in December 2017 with First Class Honours and is now pursuing work in the fields of product and service design. During his Honours year Mik also started teaching again, this time as a sessional academic, teaching industrial design students to better visualise their service design projects.

    Put simply, Mik likes creating and building things that work just as beautifully as they look.  He focusses on simplicity, usability and accessibility and is a strong believer in the term “form follows function”.

    Mik tries to follow these principles:

    • design so it works as beautifully as it looks
    • don’t destroy the planet in the process
    • balance your creative input & output
    • blend engineering & design
    • don’t forget to have fun
    • form follows function
    • make things last.

    In the past, people have paid him to be a:

    • Sessional lecturer in multimedia & design
    • Outdoor furniture assembly line worker
    • Solar hot water system installer
    • Systems Administrator
    • Bicycle frame builder
    • Plumber’s labourer
    • Bicycle Mechanic
    • Graphic Designer
    • SEO Consultant
    • Flash Animator
    • Game Designer
    • Web Developer
    • Pizza Deliverer
    • Web Designer
    • Photographer
    • 3D Animator

    His current interests lie in the fields of:

    • ordering lists based on line length
    • blockchain technology
    • psychology of design
    • craft vs manufacture
    • renewable energy
    • user experience
    • sustainability
    • optimisation
    • ergonomics
    • aesthetics
    • sociology

    When not working he likes to ride mountain bikes into the wilderness, climb rocks as hard as he can and brew beer that’s hoppy but not too strong.

    His CV is available here.